It is not insignificant that nowadays most homes face major problems in terms of electrical appliances and lack of space. And we are not talking about the lack of space in the house, but the ” lack of space ” in the sockets and the electricity . Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

We plug the appliances into the sockets by filling them, but without thinking that in case we turn on the air conditioner, the oven and the iron, the safety of the house will fall. And this problem is repeated… Fortunately, however, contrary to rumours and opinions, there is a right solution to create extra space on your electrical panel. In fact, more than your eye can see!

According to the above this is done if you use the parallel circuit breakers . If your electrical panel is too small, then you will not solve the problem with the parallel circuit breakers. You will need to call one professional electrician of the company and install you a new electrical panel .

What are parallel circuit breakers?

When you look inside your electrical panel , you will see that most parallel switches are the same thickness. A fairly large switch is usually located at the top of the panel. This is the main parallel switch (drops the current). Additionally, you will see some large switches or dual switches that supply power to costly electrical appliances , such as:

  • the Water Heater,
  • the Oven and generally high power appliances.

The rest of the medium-sized switches, usually give power to lights, and small electrical appliances and are usually 15- or 20-amp switches. So families need more of these switches, but there is no space to install them . If you need 15- or 20-amp switches, a simple solution is to install a parallel switch. The total size of a parallel switch is the same as that of a single switch, but instead of one switch it has two parallels . You can buy parallel circuit breakers, in which both sides are 20-ampere switches, both sides are 15-ampere, or one side is 15 ampere and the other is 20 ampere.

Although the “half switch” is thinner than a standard circuit breaker, it offers the same circuitry safety . If we remove a standard 20-ampere switch and replace it with a parallel switch unit that has 20-ampere switches, you will immediately receive an extra circuit in your electrical panel. The cables from the original switch are connected to one of the new parallel switches, and the cables that supply the new circuit are connected to the second switch. Installing a parallel switch is a simple task , which can take about 10 minutes . Installing a new circuit will obviously take longer.

Electrical panel extension with the installation of an additional panel

It is quite difficult to measure an additional table in terms of the allowable current load. You need to think about all the available power supply you will need and what the main panel can offer.

Example :

If you have a 200 amp panel , you will have no problem adding a parallel 100 amp panel for garage , storage, etc. or 60 amps for power supply and general use elsewhere in the house. But if you have a 60 ampere table and you want to add a parallel 60 ampere table this is not the case . In this case you will need to upgrade your dashboard to be able to proceed to this step. When adding a parallel panel, it is best to add at least one panel with 12 parallel switches. This will automatically increase the space for power on lights and various electrical appliances.

How to install a parallel circuit yourself?

If you follow the steps below, you will be able to add a new circuit and connect it to the new switches . If you do not have the right tools, or you feel that you are not capable of doing it, it is best to call an electrician.

11 Steps to Installing a Parallel Circuit:

  1. In the first stage, find how many sockets, lights and sockets you will need . Next, think about where to install them. If you are adding a circuit to the interior of your home, in a ready-made room, you will need to choose a place that will serve you. If you are simply adding a light circuit to an unfinished room, such as a basement, choose an easy spot.
  2. Make a shopping list with what you will need . Go to an electrical store. If you have any questions, ask a seller.
  3. Place the electrical boxes in the desired places and install the appropriate meter cable between the two boxes . Keep in mind that if the new circuit is on the first floor and the house is built in the basement, you will need to lay the cables on the floor instead of on prefabricated walls, floors, and ceilings.
  4. Install new sockets, switches , etc.
  5. Close the main switch at the top of the power panel, and then remove the panel cover by unscrewing some large screws. It is recommended to use a voltmeter to make sure that the current in the panel is off . Then, if all your work is done under the main switch, you will not be exposed to any current in the main panel. By switching off the main panel, it is not possible to get an electric shock .
  6. Choose a standard switch to change , preferably one from the bottom of the panel, where a new switch can be easily removed and installed.
  7. Remove the black cord from the existing switch and pull the switch out of the box by holding it by the side where the cord was held.
  8. Connect the black cable from the old switch to the first switch on the new circuit . Next, do the same with the black wire from the new circuit.
  9. Hook the termination opposite the black wires on the switch bar and push the switch into the opening until it reaches the same point as the other switches.
  10. Install the white and ground wires from the new circuit in the same strip on the back of the box holding the white and ground wires from the old switch.
  11. Reassemble the power panel cover and door , and raise the main switch. Check that the new components in the circuit are working properly .

We hope that with this steps, you will be able to solve your problem and you will not need to call an electrician. However, in case you do not have electrical knowledge, it is better to leave it in the hands of a specialist.

We would also like to remind you that our company operates 24 hours a day, even on holidays . We have staff and electricians with many years of experience, and excellent service. Our company operates according to the new measures for the coronavirus COVID-19 !

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