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To get into the minds and notebooks of Times journalists, look no further than Instagram.

The app allows many reporters, editors and photographers based in New York and around the world to show how their professional and personal lives intersect. Their feeds become a repository for unpublished details and visuals, and serve as a creative outlet for their journalism-related interests.

Here are 12 Instagram accounts from journalists who span The Times’s report and take readers behind the scenes.

Director of photography for The New York Times Magazine

“If you do it right,” he advises, “you can get really great high-contrast, shadow-filled dramatic pictures.”

52 Places correspondent

Growing up in Ohio, Gia, who trained as a dancer, didn’t get to see many performances. Now, with Instagram, she can bring dance to more people around the country, and the world.

“I just want to get more eyes on dance,” she says, “in any way I can.”

Senior correspondent in Afghanistan

Follow for: Reporting outtakes from Latin America

Nick Casey’s Instagram — a play on his Twitter account, @caseysjournal — acts as an extension of his notebook. Details that don’t make it into his stories, behind-the-scenes reporting shots and glimpses of daily life in Latin America fill his feed.

“If you look at my Instagram account and the reporting,” Nick says, “they kind of put together one piece.”

You can see photos from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Easter Island and Colombia, where he lives. But perhaps his most photographed country is Venezuela, where he was based until 2016, when he was banned for his reporting on the country’s economic collapse.

Now, whenever Nick returns to Venezuela, he posts as much as he can. He says his photos of trying to pay for things — with stacks of bills and wire transactions, necessitated by the country’s hyperinflation — have particularly captured his followers’ attention.

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